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Field Of Dreams

When Iowa farmer Ray hears a mysterious voice one night in his cornfield saying "If you build it, he will come," he feels the need to act.

The Caswell County Local Foods Council, Inc , without a feasibility study, just alot of passion and a dream that local food could be accessible in Caswell and a local food economy was a viable step in the direction of a healthy Community opened the Caswell Farmers' Market in April 2015. After 21 weeks of hard work, $15,144 revenue stayed in Caswell with the vendors.

April 2016 the market opened. First day, twice as many people visited and the income for the farmers was 2.5 times what it was in 2015.

Despite taunts of lunacy, Ray builds a baseball diamond on his land, supported by his wife, Annie. Afterward, the ghosts of great players start emerging from the crops to play ball, led by "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. But, as Ray learns, this field of dreams is about much more than bringing former baseball greats out to play.

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It is about bringing the larger community together